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The complex nature of the emerging challenge to sustainable socio economic development implies that no single solution approach would suffice but multidimensional strategy should be used. It is also recognized that the challenges continue to create additional demands for capacity development and the needs to work through more comprehensive and cooperative partnerships. Life transformation positively still stands out as a multidimensional avenue and key element to provide the rural communities of Africa and across the word in general with the means motivation and determination to invest in their sustainable socio economic development based on environment protection, nature resources management, Gender mainstreaming, social values and culture education.

Let Us Transform Life Initiative(LUTI) in collaboration with its stakeholders (those already existing other ones happened in future) with together are determined in contribution to process of capacity building ,through a series of training and workshop, Technical assistance in different domain by accompaniment of those marginalized suoup and the whole community in general without forget the tangible actions whenever there are needed either rural or urban area worldwide starting by developing areas of Africa. Luti is a non govermental organization based in Southern province of Rwanda.Our (...)

The importance urgency and feasibility of adopting sustainable Socio-economic development in Africa and across the world through sensitization to behavior change, Technical assistance on certain domains both accompanied by tangible actions in order to sustain the different initiatives related to social living conditions. Therefore, it is very crucial to all change to make their last in order to support the government efforts and contribute to social living condition improvement starting by rural area and marginalized (...)

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Luti invite u to join us and work hand in hand fighting against gender based violence, poverty,malnutrition, and other various diseases through sensitization, advocacy. In addition, the local contribution for sustaining social economic based on certain relialities available appear as a key element in social problems solving while stakeholders involved in this domain must contribute enormously being dynamic and increasingly (...)

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VISION To raise the barriers to sustainable socio-economic development of population. MISSION To encourage and support single mothers and orphans to reach sustainable socio-economic development based on the available potentialities.

1. Assist single mothers and orphans on economical training facilitations to increase household income ;

2. Raise awareness of single mothers and orphans to understand their own needs for their socio-economic development,

3. Raise awareness on different diseases and malnutrition affecting community wellbeing ;

4. To promote good practices management of natural resources and environment protection by providing basic facilities and continuous education in water management, sanitation and cooking systems ;

5. Conduct progressive research focusing on transforming lives of the single mothers and orphans together with their respective families